On this website you can now find information on the following subjects:

1.  Competition Programme 2012

2.  Music - how it should be prepared

3.  Tickets - how you can purchase tickets

4.  Opening Ceremony - the information for this event.

5.  Song & Dance - the information that we need to know

6.  Props - the information about Props at Dance World Cup 2012

7.  Stage Dimensions - the dimensions of the stage at the CCV


The Dance World Cup 2012 competition will have 3 sessions each day - Morning, Afternoon & Evening.

Saturday 30 June is just one session which will start in the morning and continue until early afternoon.

Please read the Competition Programme 2012 to see when your session will start.

Please make sure you arrive at the Congress Center Villach 1 HOUR/60 MINUTES before the start of each session.  Your music should be delivered at this time if it has not already been passed to the Music Desk.

There will be NO rehearsals at Dance World Cup 2012 (except for the arranged Song & Dance sound checks).

The participants WILL BE allowed to view the stage and walk onto it, but not dance during the intervals and session breaks.


It is the responsibility of the Dance School to ensure that all music is the correct time length for your entries.

DWC reserves the rights to turn the music off if an entry is overtime.


The Registration for Dance World Cup 2012 will open for the FIRST time on Monday 25 June 2012 from 14:00 until 19:00.

This is the only time that you can register on Monday 25 June 2012.

On other competition days Registration will be open from 08:30 until 17:00 each day.

You must register to confirm your Arrival at Dance World Cup 2012.  You do not have to register each day.

If you are travelling from the following countries we MUST see the passports of these competitors at Registration:

Canada, Egypt, France, Malaysia, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, United States of America.

The Teacher/Team Manager can attend only for this Registration purpose there is no need for the competitors to be present for the passport checks.

Other countries do not need their passports for Registration purposes.


Each Dance World Cup 2012 Competitor and Teacher will be presented with a Lanyard Pass for Dance World Cup 2012.

Additional passes will not be issued on the day unless we have evidence that the person is participating in the competition.

There is no need for dressing room assistants to have a pass - they do not need a pass to assist the teachers with costume changes.

Please note that we reserve the right to ask for further identification proof to check the identity of a Competitor or Teacher.

Misuse of the Lanyard passes will result in them being removed from you and you will no longer have free access into Auditorium during the Competition.


You will be notified on arrival where your Dressing Room will be for Dance World Cup 2012.

We will be trying not to move you around from different Dressing Rooms but please note that the Dressing Room may change from day to day if the competition is busy. 

Please check each day where your Dressing Room will be.

All male competitors over the age of 11 years will have a separate Dressing Room.


There will be DWC representatives around the Dressing Room area to make sure that there is no overcrowding or unruly behaviour - if they ask you to wait or ask you to leave a Dressing Room then you must obey their instructions.

Any bad behaviour may result in competitors not being able to perform at Dance World Cup 2012.

Limited tables, chairs and hanging rails will be provided for you in the Dressing Rooms, please make sure that you share this equipment with everyone in your Dressing Room.

No Food is allowed in the Dressing Rooms unless prior permission has been granted by DWC due to medical/health reasons.

Water is allowed in the Dressing Rooms but not coloured or soft drinks are permitted.

Please leave the Dressing Rooms tidy when you leave each day, there will be rubbish bins provided for you to dispose of rubbish.


There is not a lot of room in the immediate back stage area at the CCV.  The following must be followed to make sure that all competitors have the safest area for their performances:

1.  Teachers and Competitors must follow instructions/guidance given to them by a DWC representative.

2.  Personal belongings and clothing are not permitted in the immediate back stage area.  We cannot guarantee that they will not go missing and we do not want tracksuit tops etc laying on the floor which may cause a safety risk.

3.  Group performers will be held in a HOLDING AREA and will be called to the side of the stage by a DWC representative.  You must listen to the instructions given.

4.  After the performance all performers must leave the back stage area to either return to their Dressing Room or go out into the Auditorium.

5.  Teachers may accompany the competitors to the HOLDING AREA but they are NOT allowed to the side of the stage.

6.  The exception where Teachers are allowed is in the MINI classes and some of the CHILDREN classes where there are very young participants.  This permission MUST be granted by DWC before the competition and the DWC representative will know that this is ok.

7.  If we experience any bad behaviour from Competitors or Teachers then this may result in the competitor being withdrawn.  DWC will not accept this kind of behaviour in the backstage area.


A competitor will be allowed to perform again ONLY IF THERE IS A TECHNICAL PROBLEM WITH THE MUSIC.

If they forget their dance they will be allowed to perform again IF THE JURY AGREE.

If a competitor is late for their performance they CANNOT PERFORM.  If you are late it will be shown as a Withdrawn competitor unless there are exceptional circumstances which are approved by a representative of DWC.


First Place/Gold Medal is awarded if the first place competitor receives 85 marks or more.


Certificates will be ready for collection as soon as possible after the Victory/Results Ceremony of the class has taken place and you will collect your certificates from the MUSIC DESK.

At the end of the Dance World Cup 2012 competition any unclaimed certificates will not be posted to the schools directly by head office.

Please try to collect your certificates for the performances at Dance World Cup 2012.

All typed information has been provided by the Dance Teachers - if there is an error on the Certificate that is the fault of the teacher (by giving incorrect information) then replacement certificates will be available AFTER the competition at a cost of €5,00 per certificate which is payable when you submit your Certificate Replacement Form.

If there is an error on a Certificate that is due to the DWC scribes handwriting then you must complete the Certificate Error Sheet and submit this to the MUSIC DESK.

You will need to complete the Certificate Error Sheet and submit this to the MUSIC DESK.

No replacement certificates will be provided for/printed out at Dance World Cup 2012.


The seating in the CCV is unallocated and available on a first come first served basis.

If the Auditiorium is full then participants will have to wait for there to be space in the Auditorium.

Entrance and Exit into the Auditorium will only be allowed inbetween the performances.

Please do enjoy and support the other performers of Dance World Cup 2012.

Please always show respect for the other performers and we do encourage applause and suitable appreciation for performances.


Dance World Cup has their own official videographer and photographer for the event this year.

Please read the website for the details on prices of how you can purchase Photographs and DVDs.

Dance World Cup reserves the rights to use any footage/images take at Dance World Cup 2012 for future publicity purposes.  If you do not wish for your school to be filmed/photographed please email [email protected] by Friday 22 June 2012.


Dance World Cup will be posting the Results and any other Competition Information onto Notice Boards in the Congress Center Villach.

Please do not remove these notices as they are for available for everyone who is participating at Dance World Cup.


Dance World Cup merchandise will be available in the Foyer area of the CCV daily from 10:00 until 17:00.

There will also be the opportunity to purchase T-Shirts and Hooded Tops from a local supplier.


Food and drinks will be available to purchase at the CCV throughout the Dance World Cup competition.