The Dance World Cup 2012 Opening Ceremony will be held on Monday 25 June 2012.

The Opening Ceremony will start at 17:00 and all participating DWC competitors/teachers will have the opportunity to take part in the procession in Villach.


Are you taking part in the Opening Ceremony Parade?

If YES please email [email protected] and confirm the following important information:

1.  Your Dance School Name

2.  Your Country

3.  How many DWC Competitors will be taking part in the Opening Ceremony Parade from your school.

This information should be emailed to us as soon as possible so that we can detail final numbers for the event.



Spectators will be able to watch the Opening Ceremony Parade - Free of Charge

What time do we have to be there at?

The meeting place will be the Congress Center Villach.  You will need to be there at 16:00 on Monday 25 June 2012 if you wish to take part in the Opening Ceremony Parade.

The Parade will start at 17:00.

DWC representatives will tell you where to wait when you arrive at the Congress Center Villach.

It is very important that when you arrive you stay together in your Country/School groups.  Teachers, School Chaperones and DWC competitors only are required for this event.

What is happening?

Parade through Villach 17:00

This walk will be approximately 500m in distance and about 10 minutes walk from the Congress Center Villach to "Rathausplatz" (Town Square in front of the City Hall).

The participants will march and wave their country flags.  There will be NO set choreography this year for the Parade.

After the Parade

All participants will finish the Parade and wait in the "Rathausplatz" (Town Square in front of the City Hall), this is where each country will be presented to the Mayor of Villach.

Opening Ceremony Presentation - 17:45

The Presentation will take place in the "Rathausplatz" (Town Square in front of the City Hall).

Dance World Cup 2012 will officially be opened at this time and there will be speeches and the presentation of the Judges for this year\'s event.

All Flag Bearers and two team representatives will be presented.

We estimate that this event will fiish at 18:30.

Collection Point

Details of the Collection/Meeting point will appear on this webpage very soon.

Please make sure all of your team members know when and where they are at all times.  This is YOUR responsibility and not Dance World Cup\'s.

What should we wear?

All DWC participants must wear their Country Team Tracksuit/or Team Uniform to perform in the Parade.

If your Country does not have a Team Tracksuit then please make sure everyone in your school has the same coloured uniform to wear for the Opening Ceremony Parade.

The uniform could be a plain t-shirt with black jazz pants for example.  Please note that it is best to go for a simple arrangement that will look smart and effective for your team/school.

Please remember in JUNE it may be sunny and hot OR cool so be prepared for these weather conditions.

Bottled water and a snack are allowed should you get hungry or thirsty.  No chewing gum please.  Please make sure you dispose of your rubbish at all times.


Please can Team Managers/Teachers make sure that they have adequate supervision for their team.  It is the responsibility of each individual country/school to look after your participants during the Opening Ceremony.

Flag Bearers

Each country will be invited to have a Flag Bearer to carry your National Flag during the Opening Ceremony and during the Presentation.  The Flag Bearer should be accompanied by 2 representatives.

The names of these 3 people (flag bearer and 2 representatives) must be confirmed by email to [email protected]

It is up to the individual Team Manager to decide whether they wish for their 3 representatives to be costumed differently for the presentation.

It is up to the individual Team Manager to provide the Flag and Flag Pole.  Sizing of the Flag is also your Team Managers choice, please be sensible with your decision.

The Flag Bearer and Representatives will lead your country in the Parade and be introduced to our dignitaries at the Opening Ceremony Presentation.

How to apply?

To apply to be a Flag Bearer at DWC 2012 for countries without an official qualifying competition you can apply via email to [email protected] and we will then liaise with you on the selection.

If you have a qualifying competition then your Country Organiser or Team Manager will select the Flag Bearer and Representatives for your Country.

Finally, we hope that everyone will have fun and enjoy the Opening Ceremony Celebrations for Dance World Cup 2012.