Dear Friends of Dance World Cup

Another exciting year is planned for DWC and I am delighted to announce that for our 2013 Season we will be hosting qualifying competitions in South Africa and Spain and we are currently in negotiation with Bulgaria, Japan and Slovenia for future qualifying events. It is just fantastic that the DWC family is continuing to grow and we are potentially looking at 2,500 participants for DWC 2013.

For countries where there is no official DWC qualifier you will now have to apply to participate at the Dance World Cup finals but submitting an application via our new Video Entry System. This online application will be available from 1 December 2012.

We will correspond with anyone that needs to apply via this new system to explain how it will all work but we can confirm now that all online videos will need to be submitted by 1 February 2013 to be eligible for application for Dance World Cup 2013.

The Dance World Cup competition is an expensive event to put on each year and we do require some financial assistance, it is important that the company has a secure cash flow position in order to hire the spectacular theatres and meet the venue costs so that we can put on the best events for you the Dance World Cup participants.

Therefore the Directors have decided to introduce a Dance World Cup membership system which will take effect from the end of this calendar year and run until 30 September 2013. Thereafter annual membership will run from 1 October to 30 September each year.

We know that our events are most certainly memorable and we do wish for them to continue to grow with the successes of opening ceremonies and other events alongside our competition. Therefore, in order to maintain our increasingly high standard, this cash flow is needed.

Also these new DWC membership cards will be used going forward as identity cards for all of the participants as many theatres now require a sign in/sign out system for entry to the backstage and dressing room areas, this system will be in place for DWC 2013 and will be used at subsequent Dance World Cup Finals.

DWC have prepared a Frequently Asked Questions sheet in addition to this statement which will give you all the information you need on the new DWC membership.

If you have any questions please can you make direct contact with me by email and I will respond to you, my contact email address is [email protected]

Thank you and I wish you all luck in qualifying for our 2013 finals which I know will be memorable.

With kind regards

John Grimshaw


DWC Limited



We are delighted to announce that the following person was selected as the 2012 winner:
Leonie Brand
who is a student of La Sylphide Studio Dans, Romania
Once again we thank everyone for their entries this year!




The Dance World Cup 2012 competition is now under 3 months away and we hope that those who will participate this year have all their preparations in hand. We are very much looking forward to welcoming everyone to Villach at the end of June. After seeing some of the wonderful qualification competitions this year’s Dance World Cup is shaping up to be another truly amazing event.

It is very important on the Entry Form that you complete these fully including the date of birth

information and also the age of the competitor in years and months (for example 10.5 for a dancer who is aged 10 years and 5 months as at 1 March 2012).


All participants at Dance World Cup will perform in age order with the youngest performing first; we therefore need this date of birth information to ensure the class order is correct.


The competition programme will be finalised during the first weeks of May once all of the entry forms have been entered into the competition database.


All participating schools will receive a copy of the competition programme in PDF format which will

show you when and where the children are performing in the competition week. As you already know the week will be split as follows:


Tuesday (26 June) and Wednesday (27 June) – MINI and CHILDREN age groups.


Thursday (28 June), Friday (29 June) and Saturday (30 June) – JUNIOR and OPEN age groups.


The DWC Gala will take place in the evening of Saturday 30 June 2012.


We will shortly be announcing information about the Opening Ceremony for Dance World Cup 2012

– this will be held during the afternoon on Monday 25 June 2012. Details will follow soon.


Please make sure that you keep checking the Dance World Cup website for updates on other

essential information for the competition. Instructions for Stage Dimensions, Dressing Rooms,

Music, Tickets and other General details will be available very soon.

Our Design a T-Shirt Competition is also now running and you can find details about this exciting opportunity here.

Finally if you are not able to travel to Villach for Dance World Cup for whatever reason you may be interested in our first ever Summer School. This will be held in Jersey, Channel Islands from Monday 20 August until Friday 24 August 2012. For further details please see the website link here.

Thank you for your continued support of Dance World Cup and we look forward to seeing some of you very soon in Villach for our 2012 competition.



Dance World Cup Update

Posted:  Thursday 8th March 2012

This past month has seen some wonderful qualification competitions for Dance World Cup 2012.


After the success of the Italian qualifiers we travelled to Belgorod in Russia where we were greeted by some very excited performers who have now qualified for the competition this year.  There are a lot of new schools from this country who will hopefully be travelling to Villach.  We hope that this new qualifying competition for Russian dancers will continue to grow.


Also this month the German schools have started to compete in their Regional competitions in preparation for the German National finals which will be held in Fürstenfeldbruck at the end of March.


This coming weekend we have qualifiers in Poland and for the first time new Dance World Cup qualifier competitions in Romania and Ukraine.  We wish all competitors at these events the best of luck.


The Dance World Cup 2012 Competition to be held in Villach, Austria is shaping up nicely and with some of the hotels already full we do advise that people book early to get the hotel of your choice.


The competition in Austria is shaping up nicely with some hotels already full so book early to get the hotel of your choice.


Please note that we have today uploaded a proposed competition schedule for Dance World Cup 2012.  This schedule has been prepared to tell you the competition day that a particular class will be held but not the time or order of programme.  We cannot confirm these details until all the entries have been received at the end of April.


Finally congratulations to all the Czech schools who recently took part in the competition in Selb to qualify for Dance World Cup 2012 we look forward to seeing you all in Villach later this year with our other qualified dancers.


Italian Qualifier Coverage

Posted:  Sunday 12th February 2012

The Italian group competition was held in Sardinia and was a great success with groups qualifying in ballet, modern, jazz, hip hop, tap and national. Over 600 children took part watched by an appreciative audience of over 800.

The competition started at 9pm and finished at 1am with the children singing the Italian national anthem along with the big flag. Fantastic end to the evening.

Congratulations to the organisers for putting on such a wonderful show! The Italian competition continued this morning and the standard remained high especially in the solo and duet sections. It was great to see 5 entries in the new modern section and the duet hip hop section was also good. Well done to Mavi and her team for putting on such a good standard qualifier in very difficult weather!

 We will be posting coverage, photos and videos from Dance World Cup qualifier events on our Facebook Page


New Facebook Page

Posted:  Tuesday 6th December 2011

We have recently been evaluating our new & social media presence. We have just introduced a new Facebook Page which we plan to develop over the coming months with apps and features. We would be grateful if you could 'like' and 'share' the page.  



New Classes for DWC 2012

Posted:  Monday 21st November 2011

We have introduced new classes for Dance World Cup 2012.  You can now enter the following:

  • MINISM - Mini Solo Modern (any style but age appropriate for the MINI age group please)
  • MINIDN - Mini Duet/Trio National and Folklore Dance
  • MINIDB - Mini Duet/Trio Ballet and Demi-Character Dance
  • ODH - Open Duet/Trio Hip Hop and Street Dance


We are also delighted to introduce Quads to Dance World Cup.  You can enter a Quad (4 persons) in the DWC age group in these genres:

  • Ballet and Demi-Character
  • Modern 
  • National and Folklore
  • Tap

For the rules of Dance World Cup please visit the Rules section in our website.

Dance World Cup 2012

Posted: Thursday 17th November 2011

In 2012 the Dance World Cup competition will take place in Villach, Austria at the Congress Center in Villach (