Dance World Cup 2012 – MUSIC

All music for Dance World Cup should be on CD. Your CD’s must be in good condition with no scratches or fingerprints.
A separate CD must be used for each dance/entry. Only one dance per CD please.
There should be no breaks/pauses in the CD and the music should start as soon as it is placed into the CD Player.
Please have a spare copy of your CD with you at Dance World Cup 2012.
Deliver your CD’s to the Music Desk which will be situated in the CCV (Congress Center Villach).
The CD must contain the following information:
Please see a below an example of what your CD should look like:
You could use a typed CD labelling programme on your CD OR a Black Permanent Marker to show the information clearly.
If your CD is NOT CORRECTLY marked DWC Limited will not be responsible or accept liability if the wrong music is played during the competition. It is very important that CD’s are labelled as per the diagram above.
Your music will be available for collection from the Music Desk the day after you have competed at Dance World Cup 2012. There will be boxes labelled with the competition day and it is your responsibility to collect your music.
We will be working to have the music ready to be returned as soon as possible and if the CD’s are returned from the Technicians we will place them in the competition box earlier.
Any unclaimed music at the end of the competition on Saturday 30 June 2012 will be removed from the CCV (Congress Center Villach).