Dance World Cup 2012 - Song & Dance

If you are competing in a Song & Dance, Solo, Duet/Trio or Group at Dance World Cup 2012 the teacher will need to read this very important information:

Your students will have the option to use a hand held microphone OR a headset at Dance World 2012.

It is not compulsory to have a microphone, if you wish for your student to sing without a microphone this is ok.

We are also arranging for microphones to be suspended from the Theater Flies so that in the Groups the collection of singing voices will be picked up.

Please note that in the Song and Dance Group each performer will not need to have a microphone.

However, we need to know beforehand what each dancer will be using for their performance.

Please confirm the following information by email to [email protected].

  1. The title of the Song and Dance, e.g. "Friendship"
  2. The class that it is entered into, e.g. KDV
  3. Details of the microphone(s) that you wish to use, e.g. Handheld microphone x 2

For Groups please confirm how many microphones you will need - there will be a maximum of 5 handheld or 5 headset microphones available for each group entry.

At the competition there will be a quick sound check for the Song & Dance performers on the day of your performance.  You will be advised of the time of your sound check in due course.

If you do not confirm which microphone your students will use by Friday 8 June 2012 you will not be offered microphones or a sound check on the day of the competition.

Thank you.