Please find below the file download for the official Rules of the Dance World Cup competitions.


Click Here to download a copy of the 2012/2013 rules


For details of Time Limits and Time Penalties please click here.


For details on available Classes at Dance World Cup please click here.


Please note these are the only classes that will be available at all Dance World Cup competitions


New Competition Classes for 2012/13 Season

KSBm (Children Solo Ballet Boys)

KSMm (Children Solo Modern – any style Boys)

KDH (Children Duet/Trio Hip Hop & Street Dance)


JSBm (Junior Solo Ballet Boys)

JSMm (Junior Solo Modern – any style Boys)

JDH (Junior Duet/Trio Hip Hop & Street Dance)


OSMm (Open Solo Modern  - any style Boys)


The Rules of Dance World Cup should be read carefully and applied to the entries submitted to our competitions so that the participants are not penalised.